Meet the Team

Susannah Barr is a top 15 pickleball player who competes at tournaments across the USA. She is a highly competitive player who knows the value of competition and enjoys the opportunity to play with players from near and far. She has been tournament director at multiple tournaments and knows how to successfully put on large events. Susannah is currently on the Las Vegas Night Owls of Major League Pickleball and she is one of the top players APP Tour. Most recently she won gold in Women’s Pro Doubles and silver in Mixed Pro Doubles at the APP Dallas Open. Susannah is one of the founders and co-owner of The Flying Pickle which is opening in November of 2024. It is the PERFECT location to hold Pickle Jam!

Kathy Getto attended the Third Shot’s a Charm Pickleball Festival in Kansas City and saw the benefits of a non-tournament pickleball event. She has helped promote growth in the Boise, Idaho, area by offering round robins and drill events to local pickleball clubs. She just completed her two year tenure as treasurer of Boise Area Pickleball Association, helping the club grow in the following ways over the 2022-2023 fiscal year: increase membership its membership over 65% from nearly 400 to 650, raise over $17,000 at its Heroes Memorial Tournament for Challenged Athletes Foundation of Idaho, and hold over 100 events for 1500+ local pickleball players from April through September.

Our Story

We have all been to multiple tournaments to compete. Tournaments can be fun, challenging, and a way to see how our skills are progressing as we compete against others.

But most tournaments, unless they are in the round robin format, are double elimination. Sometimes players travel a long way at a large cost to play only a few games.

We hatched an idea to hold an event where pickleball players could play pickleball with others for hours and hours. Not only could players have a lot of fun, they get the opportunity to see styles and skills from other players who they normally don’t get to play with.

History of Pickle Jam

We first offered Pickle Jam in 2019 at Eagle Tennis Club provided the opportunity to utilize a fantastic indoor venue with 12 pickleball courts placed on 6 tennis courts.

The event was such a success, that we decided to hold it again in 2020. We initially planned to hold it on 12 courts, but the event sold out in three weeks. So we expanded it to 24 courts which also sold out soon after. Alas, the Coronavirus pandemic caused us to cancel the event in 2020.

We were able to hold Pickle Jam successfully again in Boise in October of 2021 on 24 courts.

Now we are ready to hold Pickle Jam in a brand new facility!!!!