Boise has a robust pickleball community with lots of established players and new players, competitive players and recreational players, and young players and older players.

Like most other areas where pickleball is experiencing exponential growth, we are trying to figure out how to grow participation while provide opportunities for meaningful play for all skill levels, beginners to professional.

Our Story

We have been to multiple tournaments to compete. Tournaments can be fun, challenging, and a way to see how our skills are progressing as we compete against others.

But most tournaments, unless they are in the round robin format, are double elimination. Sometimes players travel a long way at a large cost to play only a few games.

We hatched an idea to hold an event where pickleball players could play pickleball with others for hours and hours similar to the Third Shot’s a Charm Pickleball Festival.

Eagle Tennis Club provided the opportunity to utilize a fantastic indoor venue with 12 pickleball courts placed on 6 tennis courts. This state of the art facility will create a fabulous place to play with between-court netting that allows players to complete games with little interference from errant balls. 

At this jamboree, the 12 courts at ETC will allow us to offer play at multiple skills levels at the same time.

We decided to hold the event in the spring to help players transition from winter indoor play on wood gym floors to indoor play on hard court surfaces so that they would be ready for summer outdoor play.

Meet the Team

Susannah Barr is the local pickleball pro at the Eagle Tennis Club. She is a highly competitive player who knows the value of competition and enjoys the opportunity to play with players from near and far.

Kathy Getto attended the Third Shot’s a Charm Pickleball Festival in Kansas City and saw the benefits of a non-tournament pickleball event. She has helped promote growth in the Boise area by offering round robins and drill events to local pickleball clubs.

Dylan Lammers is a promoter at heart who loves to help anyone and everyone improve their pickleball game. His enthusiasm has helped bring many new players to the sport and helped existing players take their love of the game to new levels.