Goodside Pickleball

Joining us as a sponsor this year is Goodside Pickleball, and we’re thrilled to have them!

From the Goodside Pickleball Website:

Pickleball is awesome. Sometimes the design of Pickleball isn’t. Some people love to adorn themselves in neon spandex and wear tournament shirts that have pickles holding paddles. Others don’t. 

To describe the Goodside revolution: Picture a motorboat showing up to a yacht rock party. Our products and style may not be for everyone. Our products amplify the culture that already is pickleball, and want to feed those that are addicted to it. At the same time, bringing a little edge to the world of neon. 

Goodside Pickleball aims to amplify the enjoyment of this growing sport by introducing extremely high quality and innovative products specific to the unique culture that is Pickleball. In other words, we want those that play this sport to play good as well as look good. Our goal is to bring products to you that enhance your pickleball lifestyle. And do it with a bit of an edge. Products that are a little devious, and a lot ingenious. 

Apparel is just the tip of the ice berg for us. In coming months, we will introduce new, proprietary products that cover all aspects of Pickleball. Please sign up for our newsletter to be made aware of new product launches. In the meantime, join the revolution, and,   

Welcome to the goodside of pickleball.

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Pickle Jam 2 News

Greetings, Pickle Jammers!

We are getting ready for Pickle Jam 2 to be held in Boise, Idaho, on April 17-19, 2020. 

We’re excited to give players a sneak peek at one of the SWAG items they will be getting. 

Ta da…. Here are the designs for our two sided 3″ bag tag for players to put on their gear bag. The Pickle Jam 2020 logo on one side, and the beautiful Boise skyline with the foothills in the background is on the other. 

The design includes a couple of trees for The City of Trees and the Boise River which runs right through the city. 

We’ll be getting more SWAG ready, but we want the rest to be a surprise for players when they get here. 

By the end of February, we will post a schedule of events including round robins, meals, crazy competitions, and other fun things we will be doing during Pickle Jam 2. 

The schedule will help players plan their stay so that they can pickle to their heart’s content and still visit some of the wonderful things to do in the Boise area

Because we’ve doubled the event size from last year (125 players on 12 courts to 250 players on 24 courts), we are working on a rotation system so that players get as much play as they can in. We will be trying that rotation system out at a local tournament being held here in mid-February. More information will be posted here about that in March. 

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Jennifer Lucore Hears about Pickle Jam

My identical twin sister, Carol Amos, is a pickleball fanatic. She’s an ambassador, cheerleader, and promoter of all things pickleball.

Carol is the “Marge in Charge” of the Cal Neva group coming to Pickle Jam 2020. The group currently has 48 members, and Carol has set a personal goal to have 50 members in her group.

As she was promoting PJ2 on Facebook last night, she tagged a group of fellow players about the event.

Image result for jennifer lucore

One of those Carol tagged was none other than Jennifer Lucore, a 2019 Pickleball Hall of Fame inductee.

I have followed Jennifer’s illustrious pickleball career since I started playing years ago.

From Jennifer’s Web site

Jennifer Lucore is a professional pickleball player and a global pickleball ambassador. Her numerous gold medal championships include: 17-time USAPA Nationals, 11-time Canadian Nationals, 6-time Huntsman World Senior Games, 6-time International Tournaments, 4-time Tournament of Champions, and many golds at both the US Open Pickleball Championships and Professional Pickleball Federation (PPF) tournaments. 

Here is what Jennifer said in reply to Carol’s post about Pickle Jam:

That made my week!

Jennifer and her mother, Beverly Youngren, have written a book about pickleball covering its history for the first fifty years: History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun!

A special thank you to Carol for shamelessly promoting our event.

And another special thank you to Jennifer for her encouragement.

Pickleball players are the best!

UPDATE–Carol reached her goal of 50 players!

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Pickle Jam 2 TIMES TWO!

We have fantastic news!!!!!!

We have expanded Pickle Jam from 130 to 250 players!

We are doubling the fun by offering play on not 12 but 24 pickleball courts at Pickle Jam 2020! 

We are taking over the entire Eagle Tennis Club facility for three full days! 

We are committed to keeping our player to court ratio down to about 10 players per court, and now with 12 additional courts we can now have 120 more players join us for Pickle Jam 2020 fun! 


Go to to register. 

If you have not signed up yet, please think about it. Pickle Jam is loads of fun.

We hope you join us for this fun pickling event!

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PJ2 is Almost Full

Registrations are coming in for Pickle Jam 2.

We currently have 1 spot left as of 09/24/19 @ 7:21 p.m. MST.

After all spots fill up, we will take registrations for a waiting list should openings occur if players have to cancel. …

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