Try Hitting the Chainsaw Serve

During Friday’s late morning session of Pickle Jam, we are holding a fun fundraising event on Courts 1 + 2 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

One More Day


Porter Barr, a 14-year-old serving phenom, recently served out an entire gold medal game with his chainsaw serve 11-0-2.

Here’s your chance to experience it for a good cause. You can join him in an exhibition to raise funds for Veteran Suicide Prevention during Pickle Jam.

For a $1+ donation, you will be able to try to return Porter’s kick serve. Come see how you fare!

All proceeds will go to the Boise area chapter of One More Day — a Veteran operated non-profit providing Military, Veterans, and Police access to help for suicide prevention, depression, and anxiety issues.

During the recent Idaho Senior Games, Porter put on a similar event and raised $854 for One More Day.