Pickle Jam 2 TIMES TWO!

We have fantastic news!!!!!!

We have expanded Pickle Jam from 130 to 250 players!

We are doubling the fun by offering play on not 12 but 24 pickleball courts at Pickle Jam 2020! 

We are taking over the entire Eagle Tennis Club facility for three full days! 

We are committed to keeping our player to court ratio down to about 10 players per court, and now with 12 additional courts we can now have 120 more players join us for Pickle Jam 2020 fun! 


Go to https://pickle-jam.com/register-for-pickle-jam-2020/ to register. 

If you have not signed up yet, please think about it. Pickle Jam is loads of fun.

We hope you join us for this fun pickling event!