Pickle Jam 2 News

Greetings, Pickle Jammers!

We are getting ready for Pickle Jam 2 to be held in Boise, Idaho, on April 17-19, 2020. 

We’re excited to give players a sneak peek at one of the SWAG items they will be getting. 

Ta da…. Here are the designs for our two sided 3″ bag tag for players to put on their gear bag. The Pickle Jam 2020 logo on one side, and the beautiful Boise skyline with the foothills in the background is on the other. 

The design includes a couple of trees for The City of Trees and the Boise River which runs right through the city. 

We’ll be getting more SWAG ready, but we want the rest to be a surprise for players when they get here. 

By the end of February, we will post a schedule of events including round robins, meals, crazy competitions, and other fun things we will be doing during Pickle Jam 2. 

The schedule will help players plan their stay so that they can pickle to their heart’s content and still visit some of the wonderful things to do in the Boise area

Because we’ve doubled the event size from last year (125 players on 12 courts to 250 players on 24 courts), we are working on a rotation system so that players get as much play as they can in. We will be trying that rotation system out at a local tournament being held here in mid-February. More information will be posted here about that in March.