Pickleball Ladder Leagues Summer 2020

Regular season runs July 12th—Sept 9th.  This season we will have leagues for Women and Men at Intermediate (3.0/3.5) and Advanced (4.0/4.5) and Mixed at 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0/4.5. Cost is $60 per team. 

Sign up for the Ladder League: Online Registration

See Current Results Here: Doubles Intermediate | Women’s Advanced | Men’s Advanced | Mixed 3.5 | Mixed 4.0/4.5

The schedule is up to you. You challenge whomever you want to play and then you respond to challenges from below. You can accept or deny based on your schedule. Top 6 teams in each division will enter playoffs Sept 10th—Sept 18th with a Final Tournament on Sept 19th.

The top 4 spots pay-out!

Have questions? Please text Susannah Barr @ 208-352-2305.

Doubles Intermediate League
Women’s Advanced League
Men’s Advanced League
Mixed 3.5 League
Mixed 4.0/4.5 League
Click on your league to have access to ladder results and participants. Password is required. Please text if you forgot the password.


1. The regular season will run from July 12th to Sept 9th. There will be a 10 day 6 team playoff from Sept 10th to Sept 18th to establish seeding for a 1 day single-elimination tournament on Saturday, September 19th.
2. The ladder is $60/team (Venmo @SusannahBarr). Seeding for the season will be by UTPR by event followed by first come first serve. Your team must be paid in order to participate. No refunds after the season has started.
3. All players must have a USAPA rating of less than 5.0. You must play at the level of your highest teammate in that event. For example, a 3.5 can play in the advanced league if his/her partner is a 4.0.
4. You may challenge up to 3 spots above you. You may not re-challenge someone you lost to for at least 3 days.
5. You may only be involved in one challenge at a time. If you challenge someone or accept a challenge you must tell any future challengers you are currently unavailable. No exceptions.
6. If your challenge is successful, you take the spot of the team you beat. If you are challenged and you beat the challengers, you move up one place automatically and the challengers remains at the same place.
7. If challenged, you have 12 hours to “Accept” or “Deny”. If you deny or do not respond within 12 hrs it will be considered a “forfeit” and the challengers will be granted the win.
8. By accepting a challenge, you agree to play the challenge within 3 days after the date of acceptance.
9. If you cannot play within 3 days of being challenged, simply “Deny” the challenge and the challenger will be awarded the win and can move on. Don’t worry, you can challenge them right away and take your spot back.
10. The winner of the challenge match is responsible for reporting the results to Pickle Jam within 12 hours by text. Any results reported later than 12 hours will be voided.
11. Players must agree on a location to play. All matches will be best of 3 sets to 15, win by 2. Please utilize courts during off-times. Click here for possible places to play.
12. There will be no officials, so be fair and courteous. If you lose, don’t be upset, you can challenge again.
13. If you try to be cool and extend deadlines for people it creates a bottleneck and reduces the amount of matches that everyone can play. If you play according to the timelines listed, everyone will get to play more matches.
14. Anybody can sign up for the ladder at any point during the season; you’ll just start further down the list.
15. If a player cannot play the match AND a re-schedule doesn’t work then a substitute player can be found AS LONG AS everyone involved is in agreement. No matter what, the substitute player still needs to be rated at the event level or lower.
16. It is the burden of the ‘challenged’ team to provide at least 3 options to play within a 3 day window. If at least 3 options are provided and nothing can be agreed upon, then either team can effectively cancel the existing challenge. At this point you can reissue the challenge and try again, or challenge another team.
1. The 6 team playoff will run from Sept 10th to Sept 18th to establish seeding for a 1 day single-elimination tournament on Saturday, September 19th.
2. During the playoff, you can only climb one spot at a time and only by beating the team ahead of you. A win against a challenge from below simply defends your current spot. (This rule replaces #4 for the playoffs)
3. If you play a match and lose, the losing team must immediately inform the team below you that you are available for a challenge. The team below you has 8 hours (not including 12 AM – 6 AM) to challenge you before you can challenge the team ahead of you again.
4. No substitutions are allowed during the playoffs or final tournament matches. If you or your partner cannot play in the final tournament, your team will be removed from the playoffs and tournament but will be given the top spot in next season’s ladder.
5. During the Playoff, you have 8 hours (not including 12 AM – 6 AM) to accept or forfeit challenges and schedule a match. You have 48 hours in which to complete your match once a challenge has been accepted. Please stick to the time limit as other teams are waiting for your match in order to play. (This rule replaces #7 and #8 for the playoffs)
6. All other ladder rules remain in effect unless in direct contradiction to the playoff rules listed here
7. Payout amounts based on number of paid teams. 1st place – 40%, 2nd place – 22%, 3rd/3rd – 14% each, Tourney and admin costs – 10%. Any leftover money will be contributed to Susannah’s Pickleball Egypt Outreach.
For questions, concerns, suggestions or comments please contact Susannah Barr @ 208-352-2305.
*We reserve the right to combine leagues or move players based on numbers. You will be notified if changes need to be made.
*Please practice social distance and best hygiene practices. If you are sick, find a sub or do not play.

Participation is at your own risk. Susannah Barr, Pickle Jam, Parks and Recreation Entity, and other organizations and/or organizers assisting in this event are not responsible for bodily injuries or damage to personal properties.