Thursday Evening Meet + Greet

We are having a Meet + Greet at Eagle Tennis Club from 6-8 p.m.
for those players who will be in the Boise area on Thursday evening.

Please join us if you can.

You can check in, get your SWAG bag, and meet other Pickle Jam participants.

We won’t be able to play any pickleball, but we’ll still have lots of fun!

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What’s it really going to be like at Pickle Jam?

One of the most often asked questions I get when talking with people about the jamboree is, “What’s it really going to be like?”

After I tell people it’s incredibly fun, almost too much fun to be legal, I start breaking down what a typical day will be like.

The event will start at 8:00 a.m., but not all players will get there by then. Some will go out to breakfast with friends, some sleep in. The die-hards will get there before 8:00 to start playing as soon as possible.

Tables will be marked by either specific skill levels or skill level ranges. Example: 2.0 to 3.0, 4.5+ and so on.

Players will put their paddles on their appropriate tables and once there’s a foursome ready to go, they will be off to play their first game. There will be table monitors to coordinate play.

If the foursome are good matches for one another, they might stack their paddles together for the next few games so that they can continue playing.

If a player wants to locate some new players, she will say, “I need to take a break for a bit.” And then she starts watching others to play with. Once she locates others, she will ask if she can play the next game with them.

After maybe three hours of playing, many players will want to take a break, so they will gather up others who want to go out to lunch. (At the Boise Pickle Jam there are dozens of great restaurants within a couple of miles.)

Some players will take a break to go off and explore the area. (Take a look at 26 things to do in the Boise area…) Others will go back to their motel and take a nap.

Lots of players will simply stay and watch while they meet new people. The venue for the Boise Pickle Jam is great for this because there is a mezzanine to watch all the play from.

Pickleball play will continue on all day. There will be busy times and not so busy times, but play will continue on and on and on.

Even the evening hours will be full of pickleball play. There will be diehards who will play all day against others who will have taken a break for a nap or exploring and will now be ready to play their favorite game even more.

All players will have the opportunity to meet players from other states. There’s a chance for networking and asking how pickleball works in their home town.

At this Pickle Jam we will have a group dinner on Friday night, and players can meet and greet others.

As the evening winds down, the diehards will still be looking for that one last great game while others head home to catch some sleep to be ready for the next day.

And that’s what a typical day at a jamboree will be like…

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Big Daddy’s BBQ!

We are pleased to announce that Big Daddy’s BBQ will be catering our dinner on Friday night!

Dinner will be served on-site from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Here’s the menu:

Pulled Pork
Sliced Turkey
BBQ Beans
Green Salad
Garlic Smashed Potatoes
Rolls Sweet + Spice BBQ Sauce


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Mike Cramer to Perform

We are pleased to announce that Treasure Valley native and pickleball player Mike Cramer will perform during our Friday night BBQ dinner.

Mike is a heck of a pickleball player and a great musician who writes, arranges and performs his own music.

Don’t Let Go by Mike Cramer

Mike grew up in the small towns of the Treasure Valley.  At the height of the Vietnam War, he enlisted in the navy, and it was during those four years of long days and nights floating the Pacific Ocean that Mike taught himself how to play guitar.

Learn more about Mike on his Web site. …

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14 States…

We now have 67 players from 14 states registered.

We have limited the number of players to 125 so that players will have lots of playing time on the 12 courts at our venue.

Courts will be assigned within skill level groupings depending on the number of players within each group.

Currently we have 12 players in skill levels up to 3.0; 24 players at 3.5; 18 players at 4.0; 9 at 4.5, and 4 at or above 5.0.

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Half Full from 13 States

Just a quick update on registrations for Pickle Jam!

We are now over half full after just six weeks of registration with 66 registered players from 13 states!

Total participation is capped at 125 players, including volunteer workers, so that players have minimal wait time between games on the 12 courts we will be using.

We so appreciate everyone spreading the word about this fun, fun, fun event. Thank you!  

Pickle Jam will be all the fun of a tournament but none of the stress. 

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Registrations continue…

to come in for Pickle Jam!

After just one month of registrations we are 44% full with 55 players registered from twelve different states.

We’re are working hard to be at full capacity of 125 players well before the event start date of May 3.

We also now have a Facebook page and event.

Please feel free to spread the word about this fun-filled event with all your pickleball buddies!

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Here’s what Pickle Jam…

will look and sound like at the Eagle Tennis Club venue.

This video was taken at The Heart of the Treasure Valley tournament held February 16-17.

NOTE: There were 175 participants at the tourney, and each had friends and family watching. There won’t be many spectators at Pickle Jam, just picklers. 🙂…

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Need a Stretch?

StretchLabs will be on-site at Pickle Jam on Friday and Saturday mornings from 8:00 a.m. until noon.

They will be offering free 15 minute stretch sessions!

StretchLab, a company offering one-on-one flexibility training, recently opened a studio in Eagle not far from Eagle Tennis Club, the Pickle Jam venue.

StretchLab strives to help clients increase mobility and flexibility to achieve a deeper, more advanced stretch than they can achieve on their own, a release said.

Deep stretching is scientifically proven to effectively decrease pain, lower risk of injury and reduce stress, the release said. It also provides the ability to perform better at work, in the gym and in everyday life.

What could feel better to get ready for a fantastic day of fun pickleball?

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