Openings for Pickle Jam 2021

We currently have openings for Pickle Jam which will be held October 1-3, 2021, in Eagle, Idaho.

To register, fill out the Waitlist form. We will contact you soon via email with instructions on how to submit your payment to complete your registration.

Cost for the event is $125 for the registration fee plus 6% sales tax for a total of $132.50.

Includes over 30 hours of pickleball play, barbecue dinner on Friday night, picnic lunch on Sunday, a SWAG bag of goodies and some competitive and crazy events.

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Pickle Jam Lodging

The best part of Pickle Jam, other than playing pickleball for hours on end, is meeting and getting to know new pickling friends!

If you are a Treasure Valley resident and are willing and able to offer a room to an out-of-town visitor, please fill out this form.

If you are a visitor coming from a different city or state and want to try to stay with a local pickler, please fill out this form.

If you are a visitor coming from a different city or state and already have a place to stay and have an extra room and/or bed you want to offer to a visiting player, please fill out this form.

We will work to connect hosts and lodgers as players post their info in the forms. …

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Registered Players + SWAG Sneak Peak

You can view the current Registered Players list on our Website

The page shows the current payment status of all players. Those whose names are in italics have not paid for the event. 

Payment is due by July 22 to remain registered. All players who have not paid by that date will be removed to make room for new registered players.

Sneak Peak of Some Pickle Jam SWAG

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the SWAG you will get at Pickle Jam! The back of the bag tag… …

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Payment is Now Due for Pickle Jam 2021

Payment is now due for Pickle Jam 2021 for players who are now on the Registered Players list.

The registration fee is $125, and there is a 6% charge for Idaho sales tax. That makes the total payment due $132.50.

Payment is due by July 15.

Registered players were sent an email on July 2 regarding payment. If you are registered but did not receive that email, please let us know at

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99 Days until Pickle Jam Starts!

Sing to the tune of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

99 days ’til Pickle Jam starts, 99 days ’til fun.
Pickle one day then sleep away, 98 days ’til Pickle Jam starts.

98 days ’til Pickle Jam starts, 98 days ’til fun.
Pickle one day then sleep away, 97 days ’til Pickle Jam starts.

97 days ’til Pickle Jam starts, 97 days ’til fun.
Pickle one day then sleep away, 96 days ’til Pickle Jam starts…

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Pickle Jam 2021 is Full!

Pickle Jam 2021 registration is closed because the event is full at 250 players!

We are maintaining a wait list for openings that occur, so if you are interested in coming, please sign up for that. View the current wait list.

Thank you to all the participants who have signed up!

We are so looking forward to holding Pickle Jam again and can’t wait to see and pickle with y’all!

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Pickle Jam is over 75% Full

After three weeks of registration, Pickle Jam 2021 is over 75% full!

We cap our registration at 250 players and that includes volunteers and staff.

Our goal is to provide participants with lots and lots of pickleball time on 24 fun-filled courts!

Check to see who is registered on our Participants page.

Are you registered? If yes, have you asked your pickleball buddies to register?

Ready to register? Fill out this form. Payment is not due at registration.

Read more about the event and registration process on this post. …

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